Before You Begin

Repeel is recommended for smooth surfaces that are in good condition. It may be applied to any primed and painted surface such as walls, doors, and interiors. It is recommended that you apply Repeel to surfaces that have been painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish. Applications on matte and flat paints; and textured surfaces are not recommended. It is also recommended that you avoid exposing Repeel to prolonged heat or direct light sources. Repeel may not stick to all surfaces. Test a small non-exposed area to check for adhesiveness prior to applying to a full wall.  LPI may not be held responsible for damaged surfaces or for difficulty of removal.




1. Measure the height and width of your wall, this will determine how much Repeel you will need. One single roll will cover approximately 28 sq. ft. or a 4 ft. x 7 ft. surface. 

2. Pre-cut panels to the height and width of your surface aligning the design from panel to panel. Leave 2 - 3 in. of extra material to trim around baseboard.

3. Peel back 3 - 4 ft. of the backing. Begin application from the top edge of the ceiling and butting wall if applicable. It is recommended that you slightly overlap from panel to panel to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subjected to temperature variances.

4. Use a squeegee to smooth out any air pockets. Start from the middle of the piece you are smoothing and guide the air out to the sides. Please do not pull too hard on the product.

5. Trim with razor around molding and such if need be.



Starting with any corner firmly peel up or down slowly parallel to the surface. Repeel has been tested on and successfully removed from various surface types and conditions.